Little Lune - Flower Power Bath Ritual

Little Lune - Flower Power Bath Ritual

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Flower Power is a botanical and mineral spell that has been cast to connect your body and spirit with the essence and vibrations of flowers and crystals. A perfumed medley of sacred blue lotus, jasmine buds, hibiscus, butterfly pea (yes, this will bestow a beautiful indigo colour to your brew!), rose, lavender and calendula infused with calming litsea and ylang ylang essential oils and topped with 3 heart chakra-opening rose quartz gems to bring serenity at bathtime. 

5 ways to enjoy Flower Power

  • Infuse petals and crystals into a steaming bath
  • Soak away tension headaches and weariness with a floral/crystal footbath
  • Create a dewy, petalicious glow with a floral/crystal facial mist
  • Liven up shine and vitality with a nourishing floral hair rinse
  • Treat yourself to a sacred shamanic flower baño. (see guide below)

How to use:

~ Infuse your bath, foot bath or hair rinse water with as many flowers as you desire and place the rose quartz crystals into your tub, foot bath or hair rinse jug. 

~ For hair rinse, after infusing for at least 4 hours add a shot of apple cider vinegar to the strained brew for extra conditioning and shine (optional).

~ To make facial mist, add a heaped teaspoon of petals to a cup of boiling water, cover and let infuse for 4-12 hours or overnight. Strain brew into a spray bottle or jar and store in fridge for up to 5 days. Mist face (or apply with cotton ball) after cleansing and before moisturising with a face oil such as our About Face. Also mist face straight from the fridge on hot days, or any time you wish to refresh your complexion with a petal-powered glow!  

~ Used petals may be scattered in your garden or compost heap, and of course keep your rose quartz gems for next time!