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A word from Bryce...

Each piece is made from 100% recycled clay, sourced locally from the hills of Somersby (NSW).  All our mugs are hand thrown each with it’s own unique characteristics and differences. The ceramics journey started for me some years ago now, taking classes to inspire me to achieve my passion of making ceramics that people can enjoy and love. Coming from a hospitality background I found myself selling bits and bobs to friends cafes of things I had made.

Noticing the environmental impact that my industry was having through the excessive use of single use products, I thought of the impact I could make, by offering a handmade ceramic reusable mug. 

We hope now as a small team of potters we can provide a product that you will love and feel good about consuming from. Our aim is to create pieces that people can connect with to make a conscious change in there everyday rituals. Every kiln we open we are so excited to share our pieces with our community and friends. 


Sip thoughtfully x

 Bryce Malcom Ceramics


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