Huge News for HV in 2022

WOW! What a wild ride the past two years has been. The obvious spicy cough drama has been making small business life interesting for people across the planet, including us!

Over at HV headquarters, life has been made up of lots of moves. Firstly, my partner Dan and I move up the East Coast to the sleepy township of St Marys. Which then lead to a move away from The Finders, a vintage co-op I helped create with friends in Hobart. (The Finders is still in action if you are in the big smoke!)

The past few months, I have been absolutely going hard on online sales, pop ups and markets with my caravan shop all over Tassie. We started a regular monthly market at Swims East Coast Coffee in Scamander, have been attending, Re-Loved Market, The Hanging Garments and Evandale Market. I am also planning a very exciting pop up spot in Launceston for August. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on that.

We are also moving away from website sales for now, focusing on Instagram and in person selling. Make sure you swing by a market or send us an email or DM if you see anything you want to snag on our instagram page!

2023 see's us moving again, back to our home town on the main land. Hello Central Coast! We are coming back, caravan shop in tow! Our plan is to spend the  next couple of years working on the mainland, taking breaks to do some travel with the view to return to our cute character cottage in St Marys when we are ready to 'settle down' whatever that means! Anyone who knows me, knows that 'settle down' isn't really in my vocabulary. So we will see what that entails.

If you've read this far, well done! You now know all the gossip and know to make sure you come out and see us before we head off in December. Get in touch if you have any questions, always keen to shoot the shit.

Peace, Love and Empathy, Linda 

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